I'm John Smith

The scent of hay was in the air through the lush meadows beyond Pyrford, and the hedges on either side were sweet and gay with multitudes of dog-roses. The heavy firing that had broken out while we were driving down Maybury Hill ceased as abruptly as it began, leaving the evening very peaceful and still.  We got to Leatherhead without misadventure about nine o'clock, and the horse had an hour's rest while I took supper with my cousins and commended my wife to their care.

My wife was curiously silent throughout the drive, and seemed oppressed with forebodings of evil.  I talked to her reassuringly, pointing out that the Martians were tied to the Pit by sheer heaviness, and at the utmost could but crawl a little out of it; but she answered only in monosyllables.  Had it not been for my promise to the innkeeper, she would, I think, have urged me to stay in Leatherhead that night.  Would that I had!  Her face, I remember, was very white as we parted.


I am a Senior Graphic Designer at Berry Plastics Corporations with over 9 years experience in advertising. I currently live in Evansville, IN and am available for freelance work. I have experience designing national campaigns and marketing material including logos, posters, magazine layouts, outdoor ads, product packaging, Web sites, and TV commercials. I have advanced skill with Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Final Cut, and PowerPoint. I also have a working knowledge of CSS and HTML. I

I take great pride in the design work I create and always strive to deliver an effective, focused, and on-target product that fits my client’s needs and goals. I am a creative, reliable, hard-working designer who aims to utilize my creativity, knowledge, education and people skills to benefit my clients.